I'm a web developer living in Cracow, Poland. I've been working professionally for over 7 years.

In 2007 I launched my own startup - a browser-based game called Nightwood Dragons, which to this day remains one of my most active and successful projects. These days I spend most of my time running my company and occasionally doing consulting work.

In 2011 I graduated from one of the top Polish universities, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, and earned a Master's Degree in Applied Computer Science.

I love to travel, read, play and develop video games.

I speak Polish, English and a little German.


Nightwood Network

High-traffic browser based game written in PHP.

Interia.pl Gadgets

Set of Google Gadgets for Interia.pl portal.


Custom CMS written for a language school.

Lukasz Jarzabek

Website for a bussiness professional.


Mini-blog created using Ruby and Sinatra framework.


Elixir Conf

Berlin, Germany 2016
Lighting talk: Creating a project with Elixir, Phoenix and Elm


Poznan, Poland 2016
Lighting talk: My experiences with different programming languages

Elixir & Phoenix Conf

Orlando, United States 2016
Lighting talk: Elixir, Cats and Games - Creating a game in Elixir


Hands-on experience

Diverse set of skills acquired running my own successful startup. Experience creating, maintaining, scaling and monetizing high-traffic applications.

Back end programmer

Hands-on knowledge of Ruby and PHP. Experience with MySQL and Postgres databases.

Front end developer

Ability to create modern websites with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Experience using Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Unity3d.

Learning and problem solving

Passion for learning, experimenting and gaining new skills. Ability to work independently and search out answers as needed.

Frameworks and libraries

Familiarity with popular back-end (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra) and front-end (Bootstrap, jQuery) frameworks and libraries.


Working with various APIs - from Facebook and Twitter to Google Picasa and Maps.


Email me at hello@krowinski.com or find me on: