I'm a web developer living in Cracow, Poland. I've been working professionally for over 10 years.

In 2007 I bootstrapped my own startup - a browser-based game Nightwood Dragons. For more than 8 years Nightwood remained online, profitable and was providing entertainment for tens thousands of daily active users.

Currently, I'm working as a Front-End developer at a London-based startup Profinda, where we are building a cloud-based work and talent optimisation platform.

In 2011 I graduated from one of the top Polish universities, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, and earned a Master's Degree in Applied Computer Science.

I love to travel, read, play (and develop) video games.

I speak Polish, English and a little German.


Nightwood Network

High-traffic browser based game that I've designed and written from scratch.

Interia.pl Gadgets

Set of Google Widgets for one of the biggest Polish web portals.


Mini-blog created using Ruby and Sinatra framework.


Front-end developer for a SaaS startup. Working with React and modern JavaScript.


Nordic Game Jam

Copenhagen, Denmark 2018
Woking together with a team of six artists and developers. First place - we won the main award at one of the largest game jams in the world.

Elixir Conf

Berlin, Germany 2016
Lighting talk: Creating a project with Elixir, Phoenix and Elm.


Poznan, Poland 2016
Lighting talk: My experiences with different programming languages.

Elixir & Phoenix Conf

Orlando, United States 2016
Lighting talk: Elixir, Cats and Games - Creating a game in Elixir.


Hands-on experience

Diverse set of skills acquired running my own successful startup. Experience creating, maintaining, scaling and monetizing high-traffic applications.

Back end programmer

Hands-on knowledge of Ruby and PHP. Experience with MySQL and Postgres databases.

Front end developer

Creating modern websites with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Experience building both complex modern web-apps (ES6, React, SPAs) and fast, dependency-less pages.

Learning and problem solving

Passion for learning, experimenting and gaining new skills. Experience working both independently and with a diverse, international team.

Frameworks and libraries

Familiarity with back-end (Ruby on Rails, Elixir Phoenix) and front-end (React, Backbone, Bootstrap) frameworks and libraries.

Art and Animation

Creating 2d and 3d games, visualisations and animations using Adobe Photoshop, Animate and Unity 3d.


Email me at hello@krowinski.com or find me on: